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Surface 3 Pro - Scheduled wake from Sleep not working


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Hi there,

I'm using a brand new Surface 3 Pro. I put it to sleep in the evening, in the morning I want it to wake up (activate screen) and start a certain application.

I tried to achieve this via Task Scheduler, but didn't succeed, no matter which options I activate.

The desired app get's launched AS SOON AS I wake the screen with mouse clicks or by pressing the Power button, but the tablet (at least the screen) doesn't wake up automatically.

MS Support (both Surface Support & Windows Support) couldn't help (???) and were redirecting me to one another... (!!!)

I already disabled Hibernate so the Surface is definitely in SLEEP.
I activated "wake timers" for Sleep mode, so they appear in Energy Options, and enabled them for both AC and battery

Important Options in Taskscheduler:
- Allow ...to reactivate Computer
- Execute Task no matter if User is logged in

I know this is possible on Surface 3 PRO, since Windows Alarm does exactly the same thing.

It was possible via Task Scheduler since Windows XP.

Maybe someone can help me to
1) write a small script (that activates screen) and start it via Task Scheduler, then start my app
2) find an alarm App from the Store that allows me not only to play sounds, but also to start Apps