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Wintab drivers released!!!!!!!

Arizona Willie

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what is this about? what is wintab? waco? is that for the drawing tablet?

ACK!! I went and tried to download this and my virus program popped up a virus alert and now it wont' let me override it.
Can't even download this.
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Just installed this; and it's nice to have control over the buttons.
However, the performance seems to have suffered a little; in photoshop it is pressure sensitive (YAY!!!) but it is laggy as hell. Yuck.


I haven't installed this yet, but for those that have.... Is the calibration through the Wacom app better than the 100 point calibration method?

At 0:58 [video=youtube;V3gG8TlUVyU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3gG8TlUVyU[/video] the pen options look quite comprehensive.
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Thanks for this link. The new drivers definitely help with Photoshop. I really appreciate the improved cursor accuracy in the periphery of the touchscreen.