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Woo Hoo. Stickerboy skins for the Surface Pro 3 (now Surface Pro 4)

Not all skins are alike. Many printing houses can mass produce vinyl or other skins.
What I've found separates the very good from the poor is the precision of the cuts (measurements), and whether the skin has a plausible texture for the faux pattern, or whether all skins have the same texture.

Stickerboy is one of the good guys.

Considering they are selling me a sheet of plastic for $50 let's hope so. :)
So what happens when you want to take the skin off? does it leave a sticky residue on the surface?
No, but if you aren't careful, you can tear or distort the skin if it's a thin area. The skins are made to be removable and and re-applied if desired.
I see that Stickerboy.net now is starting to list for pre-orders of the Surface Pro 4.
OKay, I'm looking to get a skin for my Surface pro 3 (the back of it starting to get scratchy and my type cover def has a few dark smudges).
However, I'm looking to get something stylish, and sort of hipster looking (I know, I know. sorry)
I was looking at the Graphite brushed aluminum, but I dunno yet...
Any suggestions?
I use the textured matte black. Very well cut and fit. Take your time applying it perfectly. It's worth it. I applied the screen border one over the top of my anti-glare glass screen protector. It made it slightly too thick on the bottom corners for docking station so a little xacto work and it's perfect.
Mine has had the Black Ostritch for about a year now. Not a scratch on the very heavily used SP3.