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Would you like to see VLC for Windows 8, RT and WP8?


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So 1) there is a bunch of them, and they STILL can't get it released almost 2yrs? and 2) sorry nonprofit doesn't compute when they received over $45,000 of donations from people who want to see VLC player on the Surface RT, so to me there's absolutely no excuses for taking so long... sounds like your making excuses for them. Their actions just say to me thanks for the money suckas!

I was correcting your factual assumptions, but it's obvious you're so extremely livid over this moral travesty that you'd rather accuse another poster of (whatever) and complaining here than taking the fight to VLC. If you backed the KS I suppose I can understand why you're incredibly pissed off, but maybe KS has a clause about "nondelivery" you can look into. I use VLC on my desktop but a different player on my Surface with no issue, so this isn't a critical deal for me.

I can't check right now, but last I remember, the Metro desktop release didn't have stellar reviews and had quite a few problems. It'd be better to address those now than compile a bad ARM port, probably. *shrug*


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What are you talking about? Firstly I never accused another poster of anything so get your facts straight, secondly this thread is about vlc player on the Surface which this is a Surface forum which is why I am posting my displeasure of VLC not being released yet, which is why people come to this forum to talk about things which are happening/not happening on the Surface... so if this offends you in some capacity then I suggest you go else where. Thirdly you weren't correcting any factual assumptions as I wasn't making any assumptions! I was merely voicing my displeasure of the people responsible for releasing vlc player taking so bloody long to release VLC player that's it that's all...I don't need your condescending attitude to try and correct me or tell me what I should and should not be doing... and this moral travesty you speak of, yes I think it speaks volumes about the people who are working/coding for VLC player who are able to take all these peoples donations and then turn around and take their bloody time to release something when in fact it should take no more than 6 months and please don't start to patronize and preach about nonsense about this and that and try to make excuses for them as to why it isn't released yet, I have no interest in your views or ideas or what have you... there is other coders for the Surface and have released a working video player in less time ALL BY THEMSELVES! so take your BS elsewhere, thanks