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WS2012ER2 Restore Surface Book


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So I have tried all day to do a full system restore from my Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 and cannot get it to work. It seems that the Network Adapter is not recognized in the Full System Restore Wizard. I have tried it on my new Surface dock and even went out and bought the Surface Ethernet USB Adapter.
WTF Doesn't MS check these things and to see if their devices work with each other. I am so disappointed with this.


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The WSE client restore disk isn't magically updated with every single NIC driver in the world as they are released.

Instead, WSE client creates a "Drivers for Full System Restore" folder on your client's C: drive that contains (from memory), NIC, mass storage controller and video drivers. Put those drivers onto a USB key. When booting into the WinPE restore, environment, choose to load additional drivers from your USB key.


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I did put them on a sub and it still didn't work. I had to buy a different use to Ethernet adapter and WA able to get it to recognize. Why the hell is the Microsoft Ethernet adapter not recognized on system restore. That is the lamest thing I have ever seen.