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Xbox Chief Don Mattrick to Leave Microsoft for Zynga


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When you suddenly see the name of Microsoft’s president of Interactive Entertainment Business, Don Mattrick, trending worldwide on Twitter and it’s not even E3 week, then you know that big news is afoot. And indeed it is, as Polygon reports today that, according to the highly credible and well-informed Kara Swisher at All Things D, Mattrick is to leave Microsoft and take up a position at Zynga, a company that is currently having major financial problems. It is expected that Mattrick will officially announce his departure in the very near future, possibly even today. With this coming so soon after what was generally considered a poor E3 for Microsoft and its 180 over the Xbox One’s more unpopular (in some quarters) features, one can’t help but wonder if the events of the past few weeks have anything to do with Mattrick’s departure.

What does it say about Microsoft’s Xbox One campaign if the man who heads up the Xbox division at the company, was in charge of said launch campaign, and has made some very public gaffs recently, is to leave? And does that mean that we can expect more U-turns from Microsoft regarding other Xbox One features, such as the inclusion of Kinect, with the man who spearheaded the whole campaign on his way out? In short, is this an admission from Microsoft that it has made some major mistakes with Xbox One?

Many thanks to Flynn Lives for the heads-up on this story!

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Source: Don Mattrick leaves MS for Zynga
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