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Poll Yellow streak poll (Model + Lot #)

Does your SP3 have the dreaded yellow streak?

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The only thing making me unhappy with my SP3 at this point is the 1/4 inch wide yellow streak running down the left side of the screen. This is a poll to find out how common this is (at least in this forum).

If you respond, please also state your Model and Lot # below. The Lot # can be found on the S/N sticker on your box. Thanks.

Mine is i5 128GB, Lot # 1430.


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Mine is moderately visible on white backgrounds, somewhat visible on other colors (as a change in brightness, not as yellow). Lot #1423.


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Need to add a baseline question... if you hold up a blank sheet of white paper, blue paper, or green paper do you see a yellow line down the side. :)
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I find it is most noticeable against a light gray background such as in this forum. Encouraged to see roughly half are not experiencing this. Gives me hope that when I exchange this in about 40 days I may get lucky.


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Also, if you stack multiple sheets of white, green, and blue paper and flip through them do you see a yellow streak?


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Had a i5/8/256 model with no yellow anywhere; exchanged it for an i3 model and have the yellow streak. It shall be exchanged when I get a chance this week.

Interestingly enough though, the rest of the screen is MUCH better than my i5 model. The i5 model suffered from extreme IPS glow when showing dark colors from nearly any angle. I could also clearly see the touch sensor dots (whatever those are really called) on the i5 screen where I cannot see them on my i3. I have had a dead pixel in both though.


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i5 256GB/1428

Yep, I have it. Though I'm really not bothered by it -- it's only noticeable if you look for it.


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No streak on my I7/256GB. No lot number since my original DOA replacement was received in a self-return coffin (unless there's a place on the unit itself to obtain that info).
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