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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by seyclone, Feb 7, 2015.

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    I have had my SP3 (i5-128G) for about 3 weeks now. Very Pleased with it, so far. A couple of questions have popped up, mainly with the HDXc memory card.
    I purchased an el-cheapo 128 gig card on eBay, from a vendor that had a very good reputation. The card works, but there have been some issues.
    It came formatted for ExFAT. When I downloaded or transferred large video files to it (1 - 2 gig), it accepted the files, but they were junk, unplayable in about 80% of the downloads. By the way, most of these files were initially downloaded to an old laptop, also running Win 8.1. The files played just fine on the laptop.
    After playing with the chip for a while, I decided to reformat it as NTFS. This seems to have worked. I've had no failures since the reformatting. Does anybody have any inputs/comments on this?

    Second question: 256 gig HDXc chips have started to appear. Does the SP3 have any compatibility for larger memory sizes over 128 Gig?
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    Hmm, not the first report of problems with writing/reading files to/from sd cards. There are also a number of reports with troubles writing a recovery image to USB drives only to find it unserviceable. Coincidence??? Either there are widespread issues with flash memory devices deserving of an industry investigation and possible consumer refunds or there's a common issue with something else... filesystem, drivers, OS, and or possibly the Surface Pros... Or all of the above.
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    Guaranteed the card is fraudulent and truly doesn't have 128GB capacity. This is why you always, always test them with H2testw immediately upon receipt. I've nailed more than one seller on eBay, including multiple power sellers. I'd be even more leery of an microSDHC or microSDXC advertised as 256GB.

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