New Surface Pro LTE review and issues

Discussion in 'Surface Pro 2017' started by Intranetsites, Mar 12, 2018.

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    New Surface Pro LTE review and issues
    3 weeks later I thought I would report on the pros and Cons
    this is the i5, 256 gb , 8 gigs of ram and the Qualcomm 885 Always on LTE modem
    1. Very Fast Load :).. 3 seconds to my chrome browser, ( much faster than my i7 7100 with 16 gigs of ram.)
    2. LTE works well! I am live all the time.
    3. Like the form factor ...12.5 in screen .. improvement over my Surface 3 LTE.
    4. Love my Maroon Colour scheme ..Keyboard and Mouse
    5. Battery life is good gets me through a full 8-10 hour day on lte
    6. Fast battery recharge
    1. Speakers SUCK big time.. I think the quietest of (17) tablets I have owned.
    2. Bluetooth does not connect speaker and microphone to Microsoft Sync in my Ford and Ford Sync 3 ( all other Apple and Samsung tablets do connect)
    3. Proprietary charging cable ..grrrr Not buying a second charger for the car yet
    4. GPS Mapping Issues: cannot seem to get Google Maps to show location, nor Microsofts Terrible Map Pro. But the basic windows 10 Maps do show my location.. So maybe I need to tweak some configurations, but all other lte G3 Apple or Samsung tablets have had issues showing my Location while driving.
    As a Road Warrior, the poor Speakers, lack of Bluetooth connection to cars speakers and microphone, and the non-function of google maps are critical issues.
    Until these problems are solved it is back to the Samsung note 12.2. :(
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    Ford Sync typically uses "white lists" for Bluetooth syncing and hasn't added Microsoft Devices (phones included). I've replied to your other threads - please consolidate your threads as your are spreading them too much.

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