Surface died and came back to life

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface RT' started by millertime_1985, Sep 13, 2014.

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    Earlier this week my Surface 'died' and then 2 days later came back to life, and i can't figure out what caused it.
    Left the house on monday morning with it still working, put it to sleep before i left. When i got home, it refused to wake... thinking it needed charge, i left it plugged in for a few hours. But it still refused to wake.

    Ended up deciding to go pick up a replacement (well a surface2) on Wednesday. But when i went to eject the micro sd card i must have hit the power button, only for it to turn on. Suffice to Say i didn't bother buying a surface 2

    For the life of me i cant work out what caused this. I'm pretty sure it wasn't caused by an update. So the question remains... what did cause it

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