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    Photoshop zoom and free transform activated when using pen

    I was drawing in the latest version of Photoshop using the pen and the keyboard folded over. Sometimes when using the pen, zoom is activated and the image zooms in. Sometimes the free transform tool is activated and the drawing rotates. I haven't figured out what's causing this. Are there...
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    Pen lag/deadzone on Surface pro 2017 in Zbrush

    Hi there, I bought the Surface Pro 2017 i7 8GB model a couple of days ago primarily for Zbrush (3D sculpting software) with the use of the surface Pen. Everything seems to work other that this problem: When i place the pen tip on the screen there seems to be a small zone of about 3mm around...
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    Pro 4 Pen in photoshop double tap to use

    about a week ago the pen in photoshop CC started to pan rather than act as a brush, I have to double tap to enable to select, or brush Works fine in Lightroom, etc... Anyone experiencing this with a fix?
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    Intel Iris 540 problems GPU photoshop

    Hi all. First I bought a surface pro 3, after 1 year and many issues regarding photoshop pen and stability. Microsoft advised me to buy the surface pro 4 all the issues I had with the pen and GPU in photoshop where solved. So stupid me to trust a sales guy I bought the surface pro 4, still...
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    CPU throttled without reason

    Hi guys, I have an Pro 4 i5/8gb/256gb and sometimes I have the problem, that my CPU was throttled down to ~0,87 GHz and don´t clock even higher. The problem is with and without power supply the same. The Surface isn´t hot, sometimes the problem is directly after booting. Energy saving mode is...
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    Photoshop CS5 Pinch Zoom

    I'm trying to use Photoshop CS5 on my Surface Pro 4, but can't get the pinch zoom to work. I've even tried installing the Intel drivers but it still won't work. Has anyone been able to get this to work without having to install another program like shortcut keys or anything?
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    Picture quality of Wireless Display Adapter

    I am finally getting a monitor for my SP3 and trying to figure out if I can get away with connecting via a WDA. I will be using Photoshop/Lightroom and will have a nice monitor so I want to maximize the resolution. Is there any difference in a wired and a wireless connection? Thanks!
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    Win-Tab issues [SP1]

    Greetings, I'm new here, I am also new to the SP 1. My SP1 is a refurbished model from Amazon. Everything works fine except that when I installed the latest WinTab drivers from Wacom (7.3.4-8 as of writing) to get pressure sensitivity to work with Photoshop CS 6. It works for a while then after...
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    Photoshop & pen issue

    Hi y'all! I just signed up and need some help. Any information you have I appreciate. I am considering getting a Surface to do photo editing using photoshop. Currently I use an iPad Pro but the only version of PS I can use on there is an abbreviated APP version that does not do everything the...
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    Optimizing For Better Photoshop Sketching

    I'm an Industrial Designer and just got my SB last week (i7 / 512GB / 16GB RAM). Previously I did my digital sketching on a Wacom Cintiq attached to my laptop. I have some complaints about the SB's sketching quality compared to the Cintiq and wondering if there are ways to better optimize the SB...
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    Surface Pro 4 Pen - Photoshop

    Hi all, Does anyone here have any Wacom experience with Photoshop? With a Wacom you can hold control, alt and right click on the pen whilst moving the pen up and down to change the opacity/size of the brush. Does anyone know if you can enable a similar feature with the surface pen? Thanks in...
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    Photoshop CC on surface pro 3

    I just got a Surface Pro 3, i7 256gb model about a week ago. I'm a photographer and retoucher. I got the Surface mainly to do retouch while traveling. I haven't yet got to try it out for real in Photoshop for any long periods, as I'm a mac user I constantly press the windows button and it gets...
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    Photoshop freezes random

    Hi, I am using Photoshop in combination with the surface pro 3 and docking station with a Wacom Intuos 4. Recently I updated to windows 10, now I am having all kinds of problems with Photoshop when its in the docking station. When I am using photo shop cloning is a problem, It doesn't...