1. S

    Opinions on Surface Book

    Hi all I am a college student who has just purchased the Surface Book. I have been asked to write up a paper on a high tech product launched within the last six months so I thought what better product than the Surface Book itself. Although I am an owner of the laptop and love it, I need to...
  2. Zkyevolved

    Screen flex?

    Hello everyone, I'm writing to see if this is normal. Does your SP4 screen flex? I mean, turn off the screen, and then push a little bit, like a little bit more than a tap. Imagine you're writing with a pen, with that kind of strength. I can see the glass flex. Do your screens also flex? Thanks!
  3. D

    Solved Autorotate work for anyone on SP3 Windows 10?

    I've seen lots of forum traffic about display auto rotation on W8 but haven't in the last few months seen anyone definitively state that it functions on Windows 10. I'm now at the latest level, version 1511 build 10586.11, and was hoping that it might magically start working, but nothing. There...
  4. M

    Surface Pro 3 screen pixel deteriotation

    Hi, Purchased SP3 on a visit to Houston in 2014 now out of warranty. Noticed yellow hue on left side of screen develop over last few months and had a screen conversation with support who confirmed that it was a known problem and only option was replacement but I had to get order from EU support...
  5. P

    screen lights up when switching on

    I just got my Surface Pro 3 (i5/4GiB RAM/128GiB SSD) since yesterday, everything works fine but there is something that confused me. Everytime I switch on the device or unlock after standby, the screen lights up very bright for a fraction of a second. Is this a normal issue of Windows 10...
  6. E

    Surface 3 (Atom) not charging only when asleep (Weird)

    Hi, So I just got my surface 3 (Atom) a few days ago, and it has done this about three times now now. I can reproduce the issue easily. At night at the end of the day, my surface is almost dead, so I close the cover, plug it in, and leave it over night, but when I wake up in the morning, I find...

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