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Opinions on Surface Book

Hi all I am a college student who has just purchased the Surface Book. I have been asked to write up a paper on a high tech product launched within the last six months so I thought what better product than the Surface Book itself. Although I am an owner of the laptop and love it, I need to include a second persons opinion. This is where you guys come in, I would really appreciate it if a few of you could may post what you like or dont like about the laptop, maybe some things that could be improved or if you have any statistics on it, would really help a girl out.

Thanks and happy new year!
I bought the SB i5/256/dGPU, and returned it...beautiful machine. Aside from all the driver issues causing all sorts of problems, after using it for a few weeks, I realized I paid a lot of money for a laptop that really didn't, ultimately, match my use case. I don't really have to have a literal tablet in my work or personal life, and while the screen is gorgeous, I didn't really need that high a resolution screen either. I had been used to the SP3, so I never really got used to carrying a heavier, larger device around either. I'm less a tablet guy than a laptop guy, yet I like the portability of the "tablet" over a laptop - as long as it can act like a laptop!

Ended up getting a nice desktop for my office, which has more power than the SB and is upgrade-able, but I now carry a Surface 3 as, in my scenario, the perfect companion device. The S3 is light, highly portable, good type cover, silent and can run everything my desktop runs (sans games) if my desktop happens to bite the big one; in which case my S3 can substitute for my desktop until the desktop is up and running again.

SB is a beautiful device, but its features, while quite alluring, appeal mainly to a very specific user group. I didn't quite fit into that.

Enjoy your SB!
...specifically, those needing a detachable clipboard and a high resolution screen: secondarily, those not needing to pay $2000+ for said detachable clipboard device and not feeling comfortable with a larger, heavier laptop device...
Well I've had my Surface Book about a month. It's unique and one of the neatest things is you can detach the clipboard while it's on. Although some apps require to be stopped (example the MS store). Another unique feature is the Clipboard and the base unit(keyboard) have batteries. You can remove the Clipboard and use it as table and get 3 hours of battery life. If you require more battery life but want the tablet form factor you can detach the clipboard and flip the clipboard around and attach and fold it back with the clipboard covering the keyboard or finally with the base keyboard like your typical laptop. The last 2 give you around 12 hours of battery max. When the clipboard is detached from the base one of the slots that connects to the base can be used with the charger.

The 1899 model and above come with a Nvidia discrete graphics adapter in the base (Keyboard). The Nvidia software will allow you to setup up to use the integreated Intel graphics built into the i5 or i7 processor or use the DGP.

The screen is beautiful with 3000 x 2000 resolution and the 3:2 aspect ratio (better for note taking) compared to the 16:9 of the laptops of today.

I have an Alienware 18 that is used to travel with when I visit my family in Ohio. I found it a great relief going from a 20 pound laptop bag to maybe 5 with all the accessories. I purchased it because I've had Android tablet and I really didn't like the way performance decreases so fast over time. I do love Android on my phone. I went to Best Buy looking at the SP 4 and thought wow buying and they keyboard is almost as much as the SB. So once I decided on the SB in then decided on the i5/ 8gb ram/256 gb/ DGP model and i've loving it.
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I love Surface Book, but I want a device I can carry everywhere, which I have in my SP3. SB adds another pound of weight. And I can't see why I'd own both.
I love Surface Book, but I want a device I can carry everywhere, which I have in my SP3. SB adds another pound of weight. And I can't see why I'd own both.

Thats's because of the bigger screen and the metal keyboard. MS does offer a trade in program.