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Solved Surface Pro 2 Reset Internet Connection Problem


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I have done a quick search through the forum but unfortunately have not found an issue quite the same as this.

About 6 months ago I bought a used Surface Pro 2 from ebay and up until now it has given no problems.

I am dual booting with RemixOS and windows 10.

The windows side of the tablet one day did not connect to the internet. It says 'connected' but as soon as I go into my browser it says that there is no connection. email does not work. nothing internet related works at all. I can't even see the tablet on the network. I have since deleted and reinstalled the drivers. run troubleshooters reset things in cmd all to no avail.
So, I cleverly thought that I would do a full factory reset. I did that and now I am stuck because it is not connecting to the internet AND it needs to do an update before I can continue to install windows 10.

The strange part is that when I use RemixOS, the internet works fine.

Does anyone have any sugestions?
Glad you got that sorted. It is good you knew how to use external storage.
Thanks for explaining how you solved the problem, in case others encounter the same thing with their SP2.