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SP2 won't power off


I've been running 10 since it came out and haven't had any issues so far. But I'm not sure whether this is a problem with 10 or the unit itself. I use my Surface at home and work. Generally I take it home, throw it in the dock, then in the morning power it down and take it out of the dock. The last couple days I have noticed when I get home the battery is near dead. After looking at the battery reports it looks like it is either turning itself on while I drive to work or it turned on as soon as I undocked it. I know I am not accidentally hitting the power button on the way to work. Has anyone else experienced this?

You can see it starts draining right about when I leave for work (I'm not an early bird ;) ).


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Hi. I am having the same problem with my Pro 3, also just after upgrade to 10. It won't turn off! I hit power off, and it shuts off, then starts 15 seconds later. I have shut down all programmes and it still does this.