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2 fingers zoom / pinch + pen

Walt Gallus

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Suface Pro 7; Windows 10; Tablet Pro (TouchZoomDesktop) - pen


If I zoom with two fingers (pinch) and approach the display with the pen (stylus / pen) even before touching it, the zoom jumps back completely, as if TouchZoomDesktop were OFF. This happens without pressing a button on the pen and also when Bluetooth is switched off or the pen is disconnected.

Thanks for help

Walt Gallus
That 3rd party software, "TouchZoomDesktop" does a trick on Windows to simulate a true zoom. When your approaching pen's stylus is recognized by the digitizer aray, Windows starts pen functions, but resumes the actual zoom rather than the simulated zoom. In the process, the screen reverts to how it was before the pinch.

I do detailed (Earth) mapping markups using pinch and zoom then the pen, but without 3rd party software. This works fine with Windows.
Hi sharpuser

First of all thanks very much for your support, which I appreciate very much. You probably have noticed that I am a complete beginner, a real greenhorn.

...does a trick on Windows to simulate a true zoom.
...using pinch and zoom then the pen, but without 3rd party software.

So my question is simple: Is a 2 fingers pinch or other kind of zoom possible using my Surface Pro 7 as tablet only with Windows Operating System (without any third party software)?

Thanks again

Walt Gallus
Thanks. No problem with websites. But I am looking for a zoom method working with any app or program, e.g. windows explorer, e-mail (thunderbird) etc. This works excellent in iOS and Android, but the Windows screen magnifier for use with touch screen tablets (my Surface Pro) is a desaster. That is the reason why I looked for a third party app.

Any other idea?

Thanks again

Walt Gallus
I assume you have tried the Windows key and the + and - keys (WIN+) or (WIN-).

Also, be sure to disable the TAP options in Settings, Devices, Touchpad. This should help your functionality.
Thanks for this additional information, sharpuser. However I don't have problems using a real keyboard (Type Cover). Bur in this particular case I would like to use the Surface Pro as stand alone tablet.

Walt Gallus
Okay. Well then, I agree with you: Windows 11 needs a better universal pinch/zoom interface, especially for Tablet Mode.