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Multi-touch is Glitchy


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Hi Everyone,

My first post to this forum, be gentle....

First off here is my specs SP4, i5-6300 @ 2.4ghz 2.5ghz, 4g ram
Installed; Adobe Photoshop, Alias Sketchbook, Tablet Pro (onscreen button app). I primarily use sketchbook and do finishing work with Photoshop. I do use the Tablet Pro floating buttons while using sketchbook.

My problem.
When in sketchbook multitouch zoom works fine and then it will be very slow and non-responsive. Also around this time, it seems the Tablet Pro buttons also become less responsive, but not as bad as the multi touch zoom.

Restarting the program does not fix it, restarting the computer does not fix it.

Any thoughts? Is my computer just too slow to run these programs? Any known issues?