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2nd Gen Microsoft Surface Tablets to Feature 7" to 9" Screens

cereal killer

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We are going to mark this one up as rumor and hope for the best. According to sources at Unwired, some new Surface tablets will be announced by Microsoft during its Build developer conference which takes place from June 26 to June 28. The second-gen tablets are said to sport screens in the seven-to-nine inch range and will feature processors from both Intel and Nvidia. Nothing really new on the processor front but the screen size may be of particular interest to many. With demand up for a more portable tablet, this move wouldn't surprise us, and it lends some credence to this rumor.

What do you think? Great move for Microsoft to start adding a more portable tablet to their portfolio or stick with the 10" + Screens moving forward?

Source: Unwired
Gotta love your screen name...cereal killer!!!!! I am gonna steal it and use it some place!

Does that response mean you aren't interested in this rumor topic anymore? Surely you must need a 7" Windows tablet as a companion to your Surface RT to replace your 10" Android tablet ;)