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3G USB Adaptor with Surface Pro


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Will try updating the firmware and see... Thanks.
I recommend you be prepared to do more than that. I've been in similar situations and, unfortunately, sometimes forum members are unable to help.

Also, some vendors will state "Windows 8 Compatible" and then it turns out that not all variations are supported (e.g., only 32-bit). On the D-Link site for the device, you see the Windows 8 Compatible logo, but not much else specifically referencing Windows 8. Anyway, my point being that especially when you are getting the sense that forums members are not able to help, then you should also submit a trouble ticket to the vendor using their Support page.


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Don't attack me for attacking you but I am feeling quite attacked by the attackiness of this attack thread. :)



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In the pc business, we always go to the manufacturers website to download drivers.

Because the CD could be older then the latest website software.