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Is SP2 OEM touch-pen superior over 3rd party pens?


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I purchased an used SP2, and it doesn't include OEM touch-pen.
I am planning to purchase one, but I am wondering whether I need to pick up an OEM one or one of 3rd party pens.
From my research, nib of OEM one cannot be replaced. However, I still would like to purchase OEM one if it is superior over any of 3rd party pens.
Since I don't have any experience with the OEM one, I would like to ask for your opinions!

If there's any better one or recommended one for SP2 (I heard Wacom Bamboo Feel is good, but it doesn't seem to have any button on it)? I would like to get some pens that have buttons for One Note as OEM one has.

Thank you!


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The nib of the OEM stylus can be replaced, its just a matter of finding one the right size. I've purchased the Wacom Bamboo Feel and it comes with 2 more nibs with different levels of resistance and a tool for removing the nib out of the stylus. I used that tool to remove the nib from the OEM stylus. The nibs on the Bamboo Feel are about a 1/16 of an inch shorter than the OEM nib. The diameter is the same so the Bamboo nibs would fit but I didn't push it all the way in because I was afraid it was too short and would become stuck in the barrel of the stylus. You can buy replacement nibs on the internet so there may be some that fit.

The Bamboo Feel does have one button on the side of the barrel. It is almost flush with the barrel and is not very "clicky" so it can be hard to push when you want to. Also the Bamboo feel does not have an eraser button on the end. This is the main reason I rarely use it.

I've heard that Galaxy Note stylus work well with the Surface Pro 1/2 but I have never tried one myself.