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$49 Screen Protector--Worth it!


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Today, after some internal debate, I purchased the Microsoft Surface 3 screen protector for $49.00. This is expensive (hence the internal debate) and I typically don't protect my screens but I found this product to be great --particularly for the Surface 3.

The biggest issue I had was the edges of the Surface felt sharp to me and not comfortable to hold--particularly around the speakers which were really sharp. The reps at the Microsoft store pointed out that there was a ridge that supported their glass screen saver so I bought the screen.

Immediately it solved the problem, the screen was more comfortable to hold and their where less sharp points on the device.

The unexpected benefit was that it seemed to improve the Pen usability as well. The pen seems to grip a little which works for my handwriting which is smaller and has been problematic with the Surface compared to the Asus Vivo Note 8. For whatever reason, the added distance to the screen or the friction I can write more legibly now that before. ( I did notice that on some Wacom devices that got better Pen with different screen protectors). I hope that this change continues and that it is not just a result of the adhesive layer that will change overtime.

I never thought that I would recommend a $49 screen saver but I am now. It has improved the user experience with the device and not to forget also protects the screen.