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A few Questions for Surface 2


I am thinking of getting the Surface 2 but I am wondering if some of my complaints about the Surface RT has been addressed. I wonder if the speaker volume is now louder than that of the RT. Even my Lumia 521 with a single speaker is far better than the twin speakers on my RT.

Also does the Surface 2 allow uninterrupted background apps even when in sleep mode? I say so because with my RT I must admit that I have never been able to enjoy music on this tablet because it just doesn't allow music to play in the background when its in sleep mode. I know some apps can do so when in the desktop mode however I really wonder why they have to place such restrictions and whether they have addressed that in the Surface 2.


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Music Apps that successfully play in Connected Standby include Xbox Music, Nokia Music and Graffiti Radio, Surface 2 is louder than the RT, still not great but works well enough....