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A kickstand refit for existing Surface Pro's?

I don't see why not, I'm sure its just the hinge.... how you go about getting the parts is another matter i suppose!!
I would absolutely love that, as it would sort my only scratch on the machine too! As above though, good luck getting the parts :( (plus obviously they want you to upgrade, so probably won't help much)
Maybe the best solution is this one, any angle like a laptop... even in portrait mode!
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Spaniard, I have this case and love it. Only drawback is it adds extra bulk and weight to tablet. But as far as angles though, this case has it covered. Aside from our own forum member who is designing a cool multi angle case.

Another good thing about this moko rotorary is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Which I may be using soon as some threads on a seam seem to becoming undone. Aside form that, great case with multifunction. I never use it in the portrait mode though. Maybe I need to try it out to see how I'd like it..

Id highly recommend the moko though. Very useful and the number of different angles is great. Plus really good protection also since its kinds thick. Does make my pro heavier though. It easily works well typing on lap. Even with onscreen keyboard.
At some point you might be able to get a dead Pro 2 and change it over. Doubt it will be simple though.
I guess it all comes down to is just the kickstand different or did they have to change the entire inner mechanism?
I don't believe itll be as simple as just swapping out kickstands. there must be a mechanism or some sort of notches in new pro to allow the new angle and ability to lock in that position.

plus I know they said the surface 2 is now only 2 pieces fused together versus 3 for original. I don't know if the same goes for the pro.
Sorry folks. According to the kickstand patent, the design looks like it would require a different body and maybe internals to accomplish. Don't think this will ever be feasible.