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A little problem with delay in customer service, what can I reasonably expect?

So after the "update" back in November (?), my SP2 stopped charging. I dropped it off in person at a MS store, that was in mid December. I got in back over a week later (sent to me, since I don't live near the store). I saw that they sent me a Surface, not my Surface Pro 2. Totally different serial numbers, the stand only opens to 1 position,.... This was when the frustration really started to set in. I called multiple times, waited a long time each time. I understand that this was during the holiday season, so I let it be. I must say that they were real nice on the phone, apologizing for the wait, and admitted that they messed up in sending out the wrong tablet,... It's been over a week of calling back and forth, and multiple emails. I keep getting the same message, that they need to hear back from their "Robo" department (what is a Robo dept?). I called and emailed the store manager, she has been courteous, but hasn't been able to do much for me, except saying that she's waiting for a response from the people who fixed my SP2. I got rid of my laptop and desktop, to get this SP2, it's an awesome product. I've asked to come into the store, drop off the Surface, and pick up a Surface Pro 2, any Surface Pro 2 that is in stock. So far they have refused. I need this for my work, and have stated that many times during our correspondence. Am I being unreasonable in asking for another SP2? What would you guys do? Is there a contact number that is higher in the command chain than the store manager? She's nice, but is not able to resolve my problem fast enough. I contacted customer support, and was told to call the store.


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It isn't unreasonable in the least! You bought a Surface Pro 2, they accepted it for replacement, you should get a Surface Pro 2 back ASAP. I would keep calling (though this will consume much of your time) and keep trying to move up until you get someone to do something concrete.

And for crying out loud MS, just release a rollback of the firmware until you get it fixed.