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Kevin Korotev

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I know nothing about the Surface RT I bought used on Ebay. It arrived yesterday. It came with an adapter (odd looking little thing) I've seen images and videos that imply this 6 electrode "plug" is supposed to stick to the 6 electrodes on the base of the unit. Mine doesn't. There is no magnetic attraction whatsoever.
The unit itself also appears to be dead as a brick.

Am I missing something?


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Welcome, Kevin. I don't know much about the RT. I am moving this thread to that forum, so perhaps you will get a response from an RT user.

Kevin Korotev

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Follow Up:

The p0g0 pins were indeed on the bottom of this device, which I have returned and replaced with another that works as it should...with the p0g0 pins on the side where they belong.
I wish i knew what I was supposed to learn from this o_O


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I still have my Surface RT, but have long ago moved to a Surface Pro 4. On all Surface devices, the power connector is on the lower right hand side. The connector on the centre bottom is for the expansion keyboard, and on later models, the dock. If you rummage around the Microsoft web site you will find the user manual that will guide you further on how the RT works.
Hope this helps.

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