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Faulty Surface Magnet - This Is Becoming a Nightmare


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The magnet issue looks like a manufacturing defect were a batch did not get properly bonded. This shouldn't happen on a Surface that is properly built.


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looks like there's a lot # in the box. anyone tried to narrow down this issue to a specific lot? i jut got mine today and tried connecting / dis-connecting the cover a few times and it seems fine. but afraid to try it more.. :D


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I detach my type cover about twice a day and don't see any problem. Microsoft would cover it under warranty so I'm not concerned about limiting the amount of times I detach it. Click away....


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I'll voice another opinion. It's all physics. You know the TV commercials that shows the Surface being suspended by the keyboard? That move obviously puts the most stress on the magnets. Whenever you DETACH the keyboard from the Surface ALWAYS pull from the CORNER of the keyboard. Less stress on the magnets.


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Same thing just happened to mine and when I called MS the guy knew nothing about. Very frustrating that they don't make the swaps easier and quicker.


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Those pictures look devastating. Hope that doesn't happen to me down the road. I have also heard of other really positive stories with msft customer support. Perhaps it depends on where you are, who you are dealing with, and if it is an in store transaction, etc. It should be consistent all around though


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Damn! Yes, they do look terrifying! But there is one question...is this happening to the machines with the Touch keyboards? Though going by the pictures it seems that the kind of keyboard is really irrelevant since the stuff is coming off the tablet itself. I am in the UK and thus far - touch wood - things seem ok. But then again, I don't take off the keyboard (I have the Type version) very often - though I did hang the tablet by the keyboard a few times after having seen some of the YouTube videos! I won't be trying that again in a hurry!

I hope you guys get your tabs replaced in good order and I also hope MS deals with their AFS. This is one of the things that bothers me about MS and its hardware products. I really wish they go mainstream with their B&M stores. In some ways, such stores can and do instil confidence in buyers who know that they can walk into a store and have their problems addressed. If Ballmer is serious about MS being, among other things, also a "devices company" then he has got to get MS act the part!


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The keyboard doesn't matter. This was due to one particular batch that was defective in gluing and the distribution of that batch seems to have run its course. Nobody should be having their magnets come out on a widespread basis. MS made good for all that had this problem. They are not abandoning or denying anybody that needed to have their device replaced.


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Different issue with mine (torn keyboard) but reference MS support, I found the telephone route not very helpful. However, using the internet chat facility, I had a new touch cover within 3 days.


I had a keyboard issue... telephone route. Replaced in two days.. getting a refund for the keyboard is a different story though


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Ive had quite a few dealing with Microsoft Surface support and I have to say they have been the best support Ive ever dealt with. My first surface had a strange error in the logs and they just said if I wanted it replaced they would no problem. If it turned out it was nothing to worry about I didn't have to worry about them wanting there brand new tablet back or charging me anything. Advanced exchange was easy and had a new surface in 2 days.

My second dealings with them wasn't quite as simple. My dads surface was suffering from poor battery life. Again rang support and they agreed to change it no problem. When I got the confirmation email they had put my surface through the system rather than my dads but I rang them up and they changed it, but they warned me it may be to late and it could be dispatched. I must have been slightly too late because Ive received another surface from my first call annoyingly so I will have to return that. S

Other than them sending me the wrong surface they have been very helpful and Ive never been waiting in a queue for more than a minute! Im sorry to read others haven't been so lucky.


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I was hoping that this was a problem with early batches only, but having just acquired a Surface Pro last week, I found the same problem when I removed my Touch Cover for the first time: the strip covering the magnets at the bottom of the Surface Pro became detached and buckled. It's rather disappointing that this problem still exists. I guess it's my chance to find out how good MSFT support is.