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Accessing The Advanced System/Win X Menu And The Like


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As I make my way through Woody's Dummies book, it seems there are some submenus available and he speaks about a mouse and right clicking for access to those. Well I just have the Touch Cover so I'm unsure how to access some of these menus. I don't know if I need them but at least I'd like to get to them. I'm sure there are other things besides those I may need to access with a right click or gesture as well. Maybe keyboard shortcuts instead if one doesn't utilize a mouse? I really need to bookmark those to tell the truth. :)

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Right click using the touch or type covers will work just like they do with a mouse.
Just to be a little more clear the right click button is the little edge below the right side of the touch cover track pad.
If you look at your touch cover you will see a small vertical seam centered below the touchpad. This divides the left and right click buttons.
Thanks folks. I'm unsure instructions came with the Touch Cover as I was so anxious to get going with it I just clicked it. :)

I should check as they those be helpful if I incur any other issues with key strokes.

I have opened up some menus (by accident I guess) as I have cursored around the far left and right corners on the Surface but then I was never able to reproduce what was displayed those few times. I have to do more experimenting. I'm in no real hurry, I'm not a power user by any stretch. The Surface is the best interactive device I've ever used so that is great in itself as I learn.
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There was no manual, but even if there was I always figure things out by tail and error. That and learning tricks from other users on forums like here.
Yes, windows 8/rt features hot corners when using the mouse. By going to the extreme 4 corners with the mouse you can bring up the charms bar, start screen, or recent apps depending on which corner you go to. Right clicking may also bring up other options such as the browser address bar and tabs in internet explorer. Check out the link in my sig for more info on navigating windows 8/rt. JP