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Advice to Apple: iPAD PRO with Airboard


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Given how bad MS has been at marketing the Surface ...here is Tom Cox chance to ressurrect Steve Jobs:

iPAD PRO with Airboard

is a a version of the iPAD that can act as an iPAD or as a touch screen for the new Airboard.

The Airboard is a keyboard, a screenless Mac that can use an iPAD PRO as a display and as an input device.

New Macs will be iPAD PRO compatible .. that is able to use the PRO as a touchscreen.

The Airboard is a screenless Mac and an iPAD docking station. The Airboard is also designed to work with Apple TV, media services, and Apple's web services. Apps running on the iPAD PRO have access to storage systems in the Airboard's MacOS. All iPAD apps are automatically backed up to the PRO when it si docked and when not to the web.
The Airboard has full access to the iPAD's storage including a file system that can dispaly the fiels in the iOS heap as if they were in folders. The data can be read and used by MAC OS aplications.

The Airboard can charge the iPADPRO nia a wireless connection. Simnply place the iPAD PRO and the Airnboard and the PRO will charge itself.

The Airboard can also function as a keyboard/controller for other Apple displays, including the new Apple/SONY TVs.