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New technology can be quite maddening. I have owned sp4 m3,sp4 i5, and Surface Book. They were all returned do to too many issues. I need my machines to be able to do real work and help me earn a paycheck. They need to turn and off, hold a charge, and not quit on you during an important presentation. Yes all devices even Apple ones can have an occasional hiccup. I currently own an 8 yr old MacBook Pro, a 1 year old retina MacBook Pro, iPads, and a houseful of iPhones. I would say 99% of the time they all operate correctly. I do have a need for a Windows computer so I wanted a surface device. The Surface Book was my favorite but it didn't like me. The design, build quality, features, screen and coolness factor of the Surface Book are awesome. But at this juncture in time it is simply not meant to be. It is sad that some people are having a huge list of problems with such an expensive product. I gave up and got a iPad pro and a cheaper Windows laptop. All in can say is if you are frustrated with any surface device, do not start using the iPad pro! Let me say this before moving on. I really don't care who makes a product as long as it works as expected. When I say the iPad pro is perfect for most things people do, like take notes, consume media, email, it is. No it is not a full computer so it won't be for everybody. If the Surface worked as well the iPad pro they would be unstoppable in sales. The iPad pro is what I wanted the surface to be. A fun light weight futuristic digital device. I will say that one of my most favorite iPad pro features are the four speakers and real stereo sound. They are just jaw droppingly good. My last 2 days I averaged 4 to 5 hours of web surfing, 2 hours of Netflix, and about 2 hours of notes and sketches. This was 8 to 9 hours of screen on time with around 30% battery left when it hit the charger. The most refreshing thing is that I did not keep checking the battery level, I just used it, got work done, and had fun. Don't bash me for liking the iPad pro, if Microsoft made it I would still buy it. I really want the surface to get fixed and be a full computer that does the things that iPad pro got right. I'll be right their to buy it again. Funny thing on the iPad forums the biggest drama is everyone worried about taking the apple pencil navigation features away in iOS 9.3. Being able to scroll and select with the pencil is rumored to be a bug and was never intended to be a feature. Did I mention the speakers.....


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Okay so you you are pro iPad Pro. Glad you found something that works for you. Everyone should be so fortunate. :)

Duly noted.

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