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Solved After three years, office still has blurry fonts on SP in certain situations

This problem started with SP3 and continued on SP4. Even if there was new office released (2016), the problem is still here.

My setup: SP4, dock and external full HD screen.

If I boot the surface on external screen everything is ok, but when I disconnect the screen, office gets blurry on SP4 screen. It all goes away, when I restart the device. Same goes for other way arround: If I boot SP4 without external screen, everythins is nice, but when I dock it, I get blurry office fonts.

For same reason it's impossible to use SP4 with extended screen option, because half of it is blurry if you use office.

Here is an official page for this problem: Office apps appear the wrong size or blurry on external monitors - Office Support

I find this problem scandalous, since MS's own SW doesn't work on it's HW like it should.

I have little/no hope, but..did anyone find any solution to this?:)


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Haven't found a solution because I've not experienced the problem fortunately. I have a similar setup to yours (using office 2016), although I do not use one screen or the other, it's always setup with the secondary monitor as an extended desktop when docked and everything looks great.


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The system scaling is very buggy. It happens on any HW, not just SP. I have the same problem with notepad++, device manager and many more.

Try leaving the scaling to 100% if you really hate the blurriness. Or wait for an update from m$ that isn't really likely to come. I believe it tries to apply the scaling algorithms across the whole desktop, not just the high res surface display and that's why it gets blurry when you fiddle with the external display.


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I haven't had the blurriness mainly due to the fact I use extended monitors and I use a 4K Display. But I can also confirm that at least using Insider Fast Office 365 ProPlus the font issue is fixed....


To be fair to Microsoft, in their blog they said they would fix some of the occurrences of this problem, but not all.

Is this Office 365 or a legacy Office you are using?


That is true, but one would expect that they would fix their one of their more important products first. I'm using Office 365.


Good to hear! Legacy Office will never be fixed because it means re-coding, but at least they sorted it in Office 365.
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