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Annoying problem with Surface Wi-Fi adapter

hi all, I have the surface pro.... I bought it this year so I guess it's like surface 5 or whatever?

Anyway pretty much every time I open it up and try to use the internet it says DNS server not responding or something like that. I have to right click on the little wifi symbol in the bottom right and click on 'troubleshoot problems' until it gives me the little green tick. this fixes it every time and the internet works fine after that.

Bloody annoying though to have to do it every time.

I had a similar problem on my pc with my old wifi dongle until I updated the driver. but as far as I can tell the surface adapter drivers are all up to date according to the system....

does anyone have a fix for this? cheers


Staff member
The problem might be that you have a fixed IP address coded for your DNS Server.

1 Settings, Network & Internet, Change Adapter Options
2 Right-click Wi-Fi, Properties
3 Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Properties button
4 Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". OK, exit, close, etc.

Sometimes when you use your computer in the workplace, then return to your own home WiFi, the IP addresses of servers within your company are retained. This is especially likely if you connect through your company via VPN, or the Internet via VPN, and the disconnect is abrupt.

Let us know if this solved your problem ...