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Another big win for this aging device, lol


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Just hosted some shows/movies in the BigScreen App using BigScreen Remote Desktop from my Surface Pro 6 and into the BigScreen VR app on Oculus Quest 2. I was able to host 8 people and made it through a 2hour long movie. Granted, I had to lower the bitrate a little bit, my Surface Pro 6 powered through with no complaints from any of those attending.

However, I am thinking I will be handing this device down to my wife and upgrading to a Surface Pro 8 sometime this year since she doesn't use a computer as much and does most things on her phone (although I keep telling her she should STILL have something other than the computer work paid for just in case!) these days. I'm wanting that Thunderbolt support plus the performance bump....just dunno how much I'm going to like having a fan running all the time since my Pro 6 is fanless....

Figured I would post this in case anyone was wondering if the Surface Pro 6 could host a room for BigScreen VR.


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Great post. The SP6 did well, and now your wife gets that good machine. That makes the SP6 not quite "fanless". Tell us how it goes with the SP8 - I am one of its fans.