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Surface Pro 3 showing no life signs - like a brick


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Hi all,

I was using my Surface Pro 3 and battery died fifteen minutes after giving a low battery warning, just like it happened every time before that. Now when I recharged my surface (the charging light on the charger still turn stable white) it didn't turned on. Now my surface Pro 3 is absolutely blank, no display, no fan, nothing at all. I have tried everything, holding power button then volume button, then power button again. Holding the power and volume up button simultaneously. Is there any other work around?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


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Two things have saved me in such cases, not with a Surface, but with what could be similar problems regarding "Battery Deadlock" on a Sony Vaio, a Dell laptop, a Toughbook, and a Thinkpad: Firmware fighting with hardware to get a boot going:

Try each of these:

1) Repeatedly connect power, count 4 seconds, then disconnect. Keep doing this for two or three minutes. Then connect, and try powering up. The idea is to get trickles of power stored into your battery before firmware gets a chance to eat it up.

2) Put your machine in the freezer. Really. Watch it doesn't slip out, so be careful. Wait 2 minutes. Remove and immediately connect power and try booting. The idea is to increase efficiency of the battery charge/discharge circuit to get enough trickle of power in before firmware gets to eat it up. You may have done this without knowing it on electronics before, by leaving a device in the car in the winter, then noticing you had more battery power than you thought upon startup of the literally cold device.