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Any way to keep dust out of the SP3?

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What world do you live in, kundas1?

What you said about "falling dust" is so naive, and can't be farther from the truth. Dust and fibers are everywhere in the air and constantly get sucked into these devices, causing heat throttling no matter you are "moving" or not.

All my laptops, including the Surface Pro, suffer from dust accumulation.

You can't provide any useful solutions to this real problem, yet you were so quick to dismiss the question, calling the OP "paranoid". It's quite a shame that a person as ignorant and arrogant as you can be a "super moderator" on this forum.

Get some common sense before you answer:
How do you deal with the dust inside the vents? • r/Surface
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Keep calm. This thread has been mostly dormant for over three years, best leave it that way.
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