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Purpose of the SP3 forum?


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Can I get back the 5 minutes I just spent reading this thread? J/k. I stopped going to the Crackberry forum even though I'm still a BlackBerry user and avid fan because it was overrun with threads like this and "why I ditched whatever device" where a big argument typically followed. I came here looking for help with my first Surface Pro and found the info I needed. I came here more when I was thinking about getting the SP3 and stayed to get tips on it. Personally I don't care much about why anyone returned their whatever device. To me the forum is a place to discuss, share and learn about Surface, nothing else.


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dman27, here's the thing. It's not the fact that we don't want any comparisons of Mac vs Surface. It's just that some members seem to enjoy stirring the pot to the point where folks are actually cursing at each other. I have seen a post where one member actually told another to f*** off. This is certainly not the spirit of this forum.

As jnjroach tried to point out, it would be like me joining a MBA/MBP forum and having a signature line saying "If you like incredibly over priced laptops that are only used by 5% of the business world, then get a MBA/MBP". That just SCREAMS attack me. Regardless of whether I post a positive comment, just seeing that signature is pretty much telling all the folks that their baby is ugly and negates any positive feedback I posted and significantly reduces my credibility.

BTW, good luck with the SP3 i7. But I suspect you won't be pleased with it. However I look forward to a speedy review from you as I am considering returning my i5 for the i7. I have only 5 days to make a final decision. I'm not sure if the extra $250-650 is worth it.

**Disclaimer** - my example of the signature line was just that - an example. I in no way want to insinuate that Mac products are over priced. I can see you Mac folks are already foaming at the mouth ready to flame. :)


who cares what other people like or don't like. Read the threads that you want, and ignore the threads that irritate you. Is this even a real issue?


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Honestly the only reason I care is because I'm sick of being passively aggressively told I should be buying a computer for an ecosystem I am not entrenched in [in this case OS X]

If you read a lot of the complainer's posts, they read like something off the macrumor forums. . . and there is a reason I don't go within 10 links of that site ; )

PS: I *WISH* I could convince my work to purchase me a SP3 for my computer. . if only because I'm sick of toting around a 9 lb 14" HP notebook with a 5400 RPM HDD and a 1280 x 720 display. ALL OTHER COMPLAINTS by users of other devices can go out the window with the extra 8 lbs :D