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Anyone planning on trying Windows 10 Preview tomorrow?


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Did you tell it to save your settings and stuff before you installed? My install literally just installed Windows10, everything else was exactly how it was - Adam

Okay, right: mine was a clean install to a new partition (dual boot). Anybody install that way and have all of their drivers recognized?
any app compatibility issues? i was reading somewhere that netflix has issues in the windowed mode. i'm about to take the leap with my sp3 but i want to make sure that certains apps don't have issues, like plex for instance or slingbox.


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As far as the apps, both netflix and plex work flawlessly except for one minor annoyance. It seems the apps do Fullscreen Similar to older versions of OS X: the taskbar remains.

The only other weird issue I've had with plex, and I'm not sure if it's the app, the SP3, or my router, is that while my server is on my 5ghz band, my SP3 has to be on the 2.4GHz band on the router for it to see the server. If I set my SP3 to use 5Ghz band, Plex can't see the server at all.


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Yes, well, it seems that Windows 10 won't clean install on a new partition and keep drivers (at least on my machine). So, since I have no time to try to make it work, and need a 100% working SP3, I'm going to bag installing it for now. I'll play around with it on my desktop until it's a bit further along.


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Personally, I don't see a reason for installing the tech preview on a Surface Pro - unless you live in desktop mode. Most of the tablet improvements are missing, and some of the desktop improvements take away tablet features, (notably the swipe controls for Modern apps are curtailed since the apps are in a window and no longer full-screen). Undoubtedly this will be remedied with Continuum, but it's not here yet.

For people that do want to install, don't rely on the restore partition bringing you back to 8.1. We are talking about two different operating systems here, and the restore feature was not designed to bridge that gap. Maybe you can make it work - but an alternative recovery plan would be wise.

I would use something like Acronis to make an image backup - and then make two just to give some extra assurance that there is a safe way back.

BTW, here is a video of Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3.



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I have installed on my SP3, so far everything works except for the Pen Click to open OneNote and Screen Shots....sent feedback....

Using the Start Menu does feel like a step back, I'm going to use it for a while until we see Continuum Released....maybe


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....Using the Start Menu does feel like a step back...

I feel the same. I can understand the frustration of trying to use the Modern/Touch/Metro interface with just a keyboard and mouse, but on a real touchscreen device like the Surface Pro line...it just worked. Now it seems like we're going backward in terms of touch usability. Perhaps continuum will solve everything...who knows. I'll keep playing with it on the SP2 since I've got the SP3 here to do all of the bring home the bacon work.


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Threw caution to the wind and went all in. Installed on SP3 and so far it's ok. I'll be playing with it and hope I don't have any problems tomorrow when I take it out to meetings. Not to sure about the return of the Start menu. I've gotten used to not using it.


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(notably the swipe controls for Modern apps are curtailed since the apps are in a window and no longer full-screen

I'm not sure what you mean by this. If it's finger scrolling. . it works in windowed mode. If you mean swiping between programs. . well.. I never did that anyway but I always HATED it with notebooks because I was constantly accidentally switching between programs.


I installed it last night on my SP3.

I was very surprised at how quickly it installed. Everything seems fine. I still have to disable/enable my wifi adapter occasionally but I wasn't expecting a fix for a bad driver in a new os.

Took about 5 minutes to tour the new old start menu, and figure out how to switch it back to metro. I am glad they brought back the start menu, and I am very glad they make it optional.

I am very excited about the ability to run apps in windows, which considering the name of the operating system, it should have been able to do all along.