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Apps I would like to see on Surface RT

Big Kahuna

Thought I'd start a thread on apps we'd like to see on RT. Here's a few that come to mind:

Amazon mp3
Any Xfinity apps (TV, Player, etc)
MAXX on the Go


Aw: Apps I would like to see on Surface RT

Sonos, Napster, Putty, Splashtop, Rowmote and a visio viewer.
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Tapatalk is free.
On which platform? I paid for it on my iPhone. On Google Play I have to pay for it (license not transferrable across platforms).

Board Express has been free, but recently they made two versions.

The paging (kind pre-historic) and lack of in-line images prevents me from using Board Express. I did give it a chance, on different devices.


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WAV recorder

While Multimedia-8 will record, its input comes from built-in microphones. I'm looking to record from stereo 'Line In' type, which I suspect will require some kind of USB cable. Perhaps more, like firmware/driver?
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