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Apps I would like to see on Surface RT


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Dropbox & Trillian. I'm trying IM+ in place of Trillian but not very successfully.

Most other things I do in the browser.


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Oh I have a big list of apps that I would like to see appear on RT (feel free to suggest alternatives if you know of decent ones):

  • A 'modern ui' version of Chrome, Firefox or any other browser that can sync properly across multiple devices (and not just Windows 8 - perhaps even able to syn with xmarks/lastpass). I don't care if it's just a reskinned IE browsing engine - I simply detest the favourites/bookmark management in the modern IE10. They managed it for iOS, why not RT?
  • A proper Facebook app with live tiles - Not particularly impressed with the People app or any of the third party FB apps I've tried so far. I had some good ones on my iPad before the official app came out (Social/Friendly) so it would nice for something similar on RT. I'm currently using a third party app for the live tile and a pinned browser link for the actual app.
  • A decent (fully-featured) Flickr app for browsing, searching, uploading and managing a Flickr account. Again using IE for this atm but it's not optimized for touch (you can't get into some of the menu options without a mouse).
  • Some kind of SQL Server management tool for managing SQL Server instances on other servers
  • Visio and Project viewers - it would be nice is MS could include these as options (even Paid althoug I see there's a Project viewer already available at a higher price).
  • Sega Genesis/megadrive emulator - there's a SNES one already (though I wish that one worked with standard USB controllers).
  • C= Amiga emulator (WinUAE or similar).
  • Goodreader - just about the only app I truly miss from the iPad.
  • Torrent app
  • Dropbox (i heard that this was submitted in mid-December but if so, where is it?)
  • VLC - I believe this is on the way..

and as for games:

  • Most of the popular Zynga/Popcap collection such as Bejeweled Blitz, Words with Friends, SongPop etc
  • A decent RTS in the vwin of Dune 2/Command & Conquer
  • One of those games that involves arranging mirrors/objects to manipulate a laser beam to the correct path
  • Remakes of the classic LucasArts adventures (Monkey island etc).
  • A hack n slash/dungeon rpg game like Dungeon Siege
  • A space sim in a similar vein to Elite or perhaps even something more arcadey like Freelancer (but again, support standard USB inputs).
  • Doom!


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Have you tried Teamviewer Touch? Worked for me and it's free, AFAIK Splashtop is not free. Perhaps it has more features though.

I've been using TeamViewer as well and I like it. I think I prefer Remote Desktop when I can, but some places I connect from block VPN access, so I have to use TeamViewer, which is definitely not a bad alternative!