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Sine from what I can tell you haven't mentioned which Surface model you have I can only assume it is not the Pro. In order to get apps added to the Microsoft Store you need t talk to the developer. It isn't anything Microsoft has control over beyond approving it.


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oh ! thanks for your fast reply. My niece launched this ap in Washington DC and I will tell her to submit to Microsoft ap store. do you by chance have a location/address or person? and my Surface was purchased by me 1. 5 years ago and I live overseas and have had no support. However, I have not needed it either as there were no problems except me learning now to use it. I am going to MN next month and will go look to see the new ones... which I think are way more than I need. I did not buy a Pro.
I love surface and I talk about it to all of my colleagues ( 40,000 of them around the world). I do not own one single apple product ...firmly in the microsoft camp!!. :) thanks again.

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