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Tablet Definition rant


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Tablet is supposed to be a form factor but people have included Operating Systems into the "Tablet" definition. What is up with that? I know that with gaming laptops they created the "DTR" (Desktop Replacement) but they STILL called it a laptop. Tablet is a FORM FACTOR. Just because it's powerful enough to replace a LAPTOP doesn't mean that form factors no longer matter and now you have to bump the device into a category it's NOT supposed to go into! Maybe the Surface Pro should go into a "LTR" category for Laptop Replacement? iPad is now heading in that direction. The M1 is held back by it's "Mobile OS" even though it's a Desktop Class processor.

I mean, you could technically make a smartphone that is compatible with Windows 11 and now we have to call the smartphone a "Laptop" because you can bluetooth pair a keyboard to it and it doesn't use a mobile OS anymore so it should be a Laptop now, right?