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How to Download Music?


Devices are added automatically but don't work until they are confirmed or authorized. If you have too many devices then you need to remove one in order to have another show up. (Arg...I hate that hitting enter does nothing from this Surface when on these boards!). I'm, liking Zune Pass but wish they had a family plan as well as a Zune Video subscription.


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Xbox Video Pass would be a great option. I use Netflix and Hulu now, but would consider Xbox Video if there was a subscription option.


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Me too, I would drop both Netflix and Hulu for it.
I would, too, if the price were comparable. I'm using a free year of Xbox Music pass, but I doubt that I'll continue it when that is up. I think the music pass is worth it, but I just don't need any more subscriptions.


I've enjoyed Zune Pass and it worked well with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 with Zune software. However, if they don't fix Xbox Music Pass and the whole experience soon I'll be cancelling my subscription and going back to "alternate" means to get my music.