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AutoDesk SketchBook Express issues


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I'm having issues using the Autodesk Sketchbook Express on my Surface Pro 3.
I ran this app on my Surface Pro 2, but it's giving me problems on my Surface Pro 3.
Whenever I click on the Gallery option, or try to save a file, it crashes.
The app closes, and takes me back to the Metro Desktop.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still continues to do the same thing.
Anyone having any luck running this app on their Surface Pro 3?


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I had another app that was having the same issue.
I went to the Photos folder in Metro, and noticed it was not displaying any of the pictures I had in the Pictures folder in Desktop mode. I later found out that my Library wasn't working properly.
I was about to do a factory reset, until I came across a fix online.

1. Launch File Explorer (Winkey+E).
2. Click the View tab at the top of the window.
3. Click the Navigation pane button and make sure the "Show libraries" option is selected.
4. Below, in the Navigation pane, expand the Libraries tab.
5. Right-click on the Pictures library and click Properties.
6. Click the Restore Defaults button.
7. Click Apply, then OK.