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HELP : Autocad Mobile on SP6


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So windows store pushed an update to Autocad mobile ( the touch app that is available on the windows store only and that is free to everyone with in app purchases)

The update on 22nd Dec no longer supports basic functions like pinch to zoom and pan.

On contacting Autodesk, i was told that the new version is not compatible with some touch features.

Issue 1: There isnt a rollback option, nor does windows app store allow you to choose which version to install.
Issue 2: There isnt a download option on any website , third party or autodesk itself as they solely rely on microsoft store for the touch based app.

If there is any autocad mobile user here, my advice is 1. DO NOT UPDATE the app.

2. I have figured where the files are stored on windows c:\programfiles\windowsapps ( hidden folder, system protected files needs to be shown). I request if any member could share these with me. It would be of immense help in trying to get my surface pro of use again.

I am traveling for work on 2nd Jan, and i will be disabled without my surface. Please help!

My attempts so far:
1. All the windows repository based websites.. they do not have or have the latest versions that do not work.
2. System restore was disabled since i have the lower hard drive capacity.
3. Obviously , reinstalling, repairing, resetting the app did not work.
4. Autodesk was of no help either.