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For MBR disks the maximum size 2TB, you need to use GPT for anything larger, so that means that the NAW device doesn't read GPT disks...oh well. Another option would be getting a cheap Zotak or Intel NUC type PC to use as a home server. Or replace the router :)
You brainy gurus kill me with your acronyms! MBR, GPT, NAW NUC, Of course being in Mississippi I know what naw is; naw, I ain't going to do that! But the rest of those are just killing me. I even had to Google NAS!:nerd:


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MBR - Master Boot Record (This was the standard for disks 2TB or smaller)
GPT - GUID (Global Unique Identifier) Partition Table Disk (Newer Standard can address disks larger than 2TB)

Intel NUC - New Unit Computer (looks like a small cube)


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