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Bad reviews in Microsoft Store and "Screen crack" issues.


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Hi. I am concidering of buying Surrface Laptop 2 (Black, i5-8250u), Surface Book 2(i5-7300u) or Surface Pro 6 (i5-8250u with keyboard). I heard a lot of rumors about screen cracks on Book 2, or about cheap materials used in Surface lineup. Are they true? I can't believe that Book 2 screen can be cracked with careful usage or Laptop 2 charger stop working. Why the are a lot of "1 stars" in official store?
I don't have Microsoft store in my country (Ukraine), and it's pretty scary to buy such an expensive device after all these rumors.

P.S. the price of devices i listed is the same in my country.
P.P.S. I'm gonna use it for programming (front-end, JS), reading, watching movies e.t.c., no gaming (only small indie games), no video editing.


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The Surface devices are not known for screen cracks or charging issues as you are asking. It is typical for bad reviews, genuine but relatively rare problems, disgruntled owners, and competitors to overwhelm a review site.

Instead, check professional reviews by PC magazines and professionals, etc.

I think you are doing well by choosing a Surface for the needs you state.