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  1. B

    HELP : Autocad Mobile on SP6

    Hi, So windows store pushed an update to Autocad mobile ( the touch app that is available on the windows store only and that is free to everyone with in app purchases) The update on 22nd Dec no longer supports basic functions like pinch to zoom and pan. On contacting Autodesk, i was told that...
  2. G

    How do I set up the barrel side button function on a microsoft surface pen?

    To work in the 3D modeling program, I need to configure the side button on the microsoft surface pen model 1776 so that pressing the side button is perceived as a TAB button. HP has the "Pen Control" app, Lenovo has the "Lenovo pen settings" app based on the Wacom driver. What app is suitable...
  3. S

    Mysterious Button Surface Keyboard!

    I have just purchased the Microsoft Surface Keyboard which i'm really liking.. however.... There is one button that is extremely bugging me (screenshot attached) as it doesn't do anything. it looks like a message, so id imagine for new email or Teams etc but...nothing!! I'm using a surface pro...
  4. A

    Do I Don't I Buy A Pro 6?

    My trusty Dell laptop of the past 8 years needs to be replaced after having been pushed hard and served me well. I am going to be travelling a lot by air, so I want something compact, powerful and reliable. The Surface Pro 6 has been on my radar for almost a year and I have a basket to buy...
  5. H

    Bad reviews in Microsoft Store and "Screen crack" issues.

    Hi. I am concidering of buying Surrface Laptop 2 (Black, i5-8250u), Surface Book 2(i5-7300u) or Surface Pro 6 (i5-8250u with keyboard). I heard a lot of rumors about screen cracks on Book 2, or about cheap materials used in Surface lineup. Are they true? I can't believe that Book 2 screen can be...
  6. M

    Surface Pro 6 restarts with 75% battery level

    Hi all, I purchased a brand new Surface Pro 6 i7 1TB July 6th 2019 at a local Microsoft Store. A week later I had to have it replaced due to a factory defect with the screen. After a week of having the replacement unit I started to notice something odd about it. In the morning when I turn it...
  7. Nicola Wilson

    Surface pro 6 won't load after restart but will after shut down

    My pro will never load after a restart. I can get it to load using soft and hard resets but sometimes these do not work and I have to leave my device for an hour or so till it responds again. If I shut down, rather than restart, then switch it on works no problem. My battery is on full and...
  8. N

    USB-C and Power supply

    I am posing this for information for users of the Surface Pro 6 as I might be handy info for some users. I wanted to get a second power supply as there is nothing worse then accidentally leaving your single power supply behind, but I also wanted more ports and powered ports than the rather...
  9. S

    Surface Pro 6 ethernet to usb adapter

    Hi All, I have 2 questions on the title above. Basically we are trying to set up wired connections for dozen of surface pro 6 devices since wi-fi is not allowed in our office. For the record, i've never used surface before, so need your advice 1. Can we use any ethernet to usb adapters apart...
  10. O

    Surface Pro 6, heads up on slow down issue

    tl;dr If your SP6 randomly slows down a lot and/or your keyboard stops working, the forced restart method where you press the power button for 30 seconds then press power and up volume for 15 seconds fixes it. Hi Microsoft Surface Forums community! I just got a Surface Pro 6 on Black Friday...

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