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Badly stuttering mouse during i/o

Was copying a large file between fast micro sd card on SP3 to an external USB drive, and the entire time of the copy, the mouse stuttered really bad across the screen to the point of being useless.

Repeated with different files and different cards, same thing.

Anyone else noticing mouse problems during I/o?

I'm using a Bluetooth MS mouse 3000 and have not experienced any other mouse problems outside this scenario..



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I've noticed usb issues overall. When connecting a usb hub some items are constantly disconnecting.
I tried the copy again, this time from the micro sd card (drive E:) to the main memory (drive C:), not using anything related to USB, and had no problems with the mouse.

So I would second your finding that something is out of whack with the USB support.. Hmm.


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The old "stuttering" mouse problem. It's because the CPU gets so busy at times it can't handle any other jobs.
I thought about that. But then why don't I have the same problem when copying from system memory to my micro sd card? Seems I'm only having this problem when a USB port is involved..

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