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band stopped syncing


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So i Just noticed in my iOS Microsoft Health app the and didn't sync since april 30 (last activity from april 30).

then i noticed that the bluetooth icon in the band is light (ie. doesn't seem to be paired). however, in iOS bluetooth settings the band appears paired and the phone bluetooth icon is up.

when i try to do a manual sync there is an error in the app that says "Band error" I can't find your band. Please make sure it's nearby and paired to your phone, or go to My Microsoft Band to register a different one.

the strange thing is the number of steps and calories are updating but not the workouts.


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Don't know what happened, but it may be that your band got the software update at the end of April, and must be re-paired (no pun intended).

On iOS, tap the i (information) to the right of the Band and Band LE Bluetooth entries. Then on your Band, choose the Bluetooth icon, tap ON and Pair.

Your Band should sync data it has been storing to your iOS app.