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Battery drain after being shut down


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I've been having this issue since I got my Surface Pro 3 a few months ago. It will be charged to 100% when I shut it down from the power options on the start screen. When I come to turn it on the next day (less than 24 hours later) it shows the empty battery icon on screen and won't turn on. When I plug it into the mains it turns on and I find that the battery has been drained to 5-6%.

I primarily use it in a docking station and rarely charge it with the adapter. Not sure if this has anything to do with it? Other than that it seems to be pretty random when it happens. Most of the time it will still have over 95% charge when I come to use it the next day.


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If you are doing a complete shutdown, (turning it off), and still getting a battery drain like that I would get an exchange, post haste.
Ah that's interesting, will give the shutdown shortcut a go. Thanks!

Just as an update, my SP3 was at 87% when I used this shortcut to shutdown 3 wks ago and when I booted it up yesterday, it had 85% left. So, with this method of shutting down, SP3 really doesn't drain any battery.


I had the same problem when on windows 10 with the SP3. I went back to 8.1. I shutdown Friday at 5 and just booted up this morning and I am at 100% battery. On windows 10 it would have drained overnight Friday.