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Battery draining


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can some explain me attached battery report?
I ran it because iam experience more battery drain as normal.

Not sure , but i cannot reach battery life of more as 5 hours with normal usage.

Can some help me out here?



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What you need to do is determine what activity is using the power.
Powercfg /energy and powercfg /sleepstudy
The Energy report runs for a short period and indicates what using energy during that time, useful but limited.
Sleepstudy will show what's keeping it from sleeping and saving power.

Task Manager and Resource Monitor.
These will tell you the tasks that are using the most CPU, Disk, Network which use battery but you have to watch in real time and see what's going on. Although there's an App History tab in Task Manager that shows overall usage by CPU or Network unfortunately not Disk. This is a good place to start.

Once you know that you can form a strategy.

Your probably a heavy Chrome user and that's typical results of such.
It's possible you have some tasks that are stuck churning up resources and those can be dealt with accordingly.